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  • Custom Furniture Fishing your top handcrafted furniture maker in Corpus Christi, Texas

Welcome to Custom Furniture Fishing, a proudly American manufacturer of hand-carved furniture with over 200 years worth of experience. Being a reputable artisan of handcrafted furniture that still subscribes to time-honored rituals and traditions of the yesteryears, brilliance is our other name. We use the finest hardwood sourced from the US to make those smart, polished coffee tables, dinner tables, seats and the many antique reproductions.

Despite having such a lengthy spell in the scene, we still afford to offer a host of custom designs, carving and finishes that exude elegance. We are one of the few renowned manufacturers of antique, old-world European furniture designs built using time-proven techniques. As such, all our products have that pricey touch of luxury furnishings of the years gone by.

If you are looking for that elusive and priceless piece of furniture of the last decades, Custom Furniture Fishing will have you sorted. All our beautiful handcrafted furniture are designed to stand the test of time and elegantly color your home. You can visit our showroom and make your request or contact us online. Alternatively, you can call us today and let your concerns heard.

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