Welcome to Custom Furniture Finishing

For an exclusive collection of handmade furniture, classic and bespoke to your liking, welcome to Custom Furniture Finishing. Carefully and expertly handcrafted and ebonized from bleached and pure solid hardwood, all our antique reproductions and elegant designs exhibit brilliance. Whether they are seats, tables, and bedroom furniture for your home or just furniture for your commercial spaces, trust us to customize and deliver.

Who is Custom Furniture Finishing?

At Custom Furniture Finishing, we have a reputation of using our traditional woodworking techniques to curve and emulate those priceless pieces of furniture. We have been the United States’ best-handcrafted wood furniture manufacturer and custom woodworker since 1983, and we have a lot to offer regarding quality. Our motivation and success story emanates from our over 500 years of furniture production history. So, when you contact us, rest assured that you are dealing with a proven custom furniture firm in this area.

Our award-winning ideas, techniques, and designs descend from our internationally and professionally trained team of experienced artisans and craftsmen. You will even notice that our products are designed with a subtle touch of creativity, modernity, and respect for authentic detail and scale. We are headed and managed by an ever-reliable previous wood carver and factory manager at Collection Reproductions in Corpus Christi, TX.

Unique collection of Old World Style handcrafted furniture professionally  made for you

  • Would you like to furnish your home with hand-finished Country European Style furniture?
  • How about a customized Bookcase Headboard for your bedroom and a matching Cabriolet leg seat?
  • We can also design those much revered Chenille couches and a matching cocktail table.

Our collection makes us a premier custom-made furniture firm in Corpus Christi!

Perhaps you have seen a unique piece of furniture in a book or magazine. Or, maybe on a recent trip to old world Europe, you fell in love with a certain piece of furniture. Custom Furniture Finishing can reproduce almost any piece of furniture and specialize in those one-of-a-kind items often showcased in magazines.